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Establishment and History

Bediroğlu Transportation was founded in 1982 in Istanbul. Our aim is always in terms of terms and conditions when stepping into the house service quality and customer satisfaction has never been to compromise.1982 First in Istanbul, Maltepe district by opening a small office We entered the sector. From the year we were established, we have grown into a huge family day by day thanks to our valuable customers. We owe this growth to you most. And we still continue to grow with your efforts. Our goal is to relocate you to our purpose hassle In order to be able to do this, both the in-house employee and the staff working outside the transportation department conscious and we pay particular attention to being friendly. Because your satisfaction always instills love for work. We have stated that we were established in 1982 in Maltepe. Since 1982; Customer satisfaction, service quality, uninterrupted service, continuity and continuity, honesty and sincerity are the most basic principles. Because they are the cornerstones of institutionalization. If you bring sound in this industry and If you really want to make things more beautiful and easier, never compromise on the basic principles of the sector. We are aware of this As a company we have achieved this for years and we continue to achieve.